EC Power

EC Power offers power bank for mobile charging on-demand and on the go. Its target customers are mobile workers, travelers, students and anyone who needs a quick recharge of their mobile devices.

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EC Advertising

EC Advertising is the media and advertising arm of the Group. The team consists of seasoned media entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who have proven track record of building successful business in the advertising industry.

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Inspirit Studio


BuddiGo is a peer-to-peer resource sharing platform developed by Inspirit Studio. Its sharing platform allows users to outsource daily chores and mundane tasks to “Buddies” who can spare idle time to run errands.

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3D Discovery


3D Discovery is an IT service provider that develops 3D imaging for the real estate, hospitality and interior design industries. It uses 3D technology to offer a new perspective to its customers providing a high level of accuracy, efficiency and reality to every image creation.

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AnyWorkspace is an online real-time marketplace that connects workspace providers with clients who need temporary office and meeting spaces.

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