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Sharing Economy International Inc. (Nasdaq: SEII) (formerly known as Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. (“CLNT”)), through its affiliated companies, to develop and manufacture environmental technologies and products.

With the name change the company is also now transitioning into the new sharing economy business. The company aims to do this through strategic acquisitions of businesses in the sharing economy as well as the research and development in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The company will utilize blockchain technology to integrate all the various sharing platforms it has acquired and operates by third parties, to build a truly global sharing economy ecosystem in a distributed, efficient and secured operating environment. The company’s vision is to create a reliable, user-friendly and secured sharing economy ecosystem. The autonomous applications will allow users to efficiently share both public and private resources. The goal is to apply advanced technological concepts from blockchain technology, such as distributed ledger and smart contracts, together with other technologies, such as image recognition and matching, mobile payment solutions, and artificial intelligence analytics to develop a ‘Sharing Blocks’ platform.

‘Sharing Blocks’ will allow sharing economy applications to share, communicate and collaborate with each other within the sharing economy ecosystem in a distributed, efficient and secured globally linked operating environment. This will help sharing economy providers to focus on their efforts in sharing business models with a ready-to-use technological solution and, at the same time, make sharing simpler and easier.